I am still in the process of getting a visa and it just seems ridiculous! My god! All of the paperwork (-_-). Maybe it is just the French process , but I’m just frustrated enough to attribute it to all countries everywhere in the universe.

My visa appointment is not until August 15th, and today is the August 6th. However, my flight is supposed to leave on the 31st. The process is supposed to take a minimum of 15 days and i just hope I get it exactly in that time. I really doubt i will be able to. My summer Biology professor was held up for his own international experiment because of his visa. The same thing will probably happen to me. Getting a passport from the Valdosta, GA post office  took time and me getting the documents needed for my passport took a long time. I’m not sure how much it will cost to change the flight if I have to but i’d rather not even go through that.


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