Done done done :-)

Finally done with the Visa process! I wish I could’ve gotten done long time ago (-_-). But c’est la vie je suppose.
I’m actually not totally sure what to do with myself for the next two weeks until I leave. The person who did my interview said that I would definitely get my stuff back in time, there was actually a girl there who was leaving in 8 days and the woman said she would try to make sure that she got her visa in time. They even let you come back to pick up the visa or bring back or send in documents you forgot. The website makes the process seem a lot more stressful and crucial (which I would imagine it would be in some places or if they really wanted to be strict) but as far as the Consulate in Atlanta let me walk down the street to CVS to bring back 2 passport-type pictures for the visa before 12:30. However, I’m not sure why the interview even needs to be in-person. It would be easier to just send the documents in. I guess it is so people don’t lose a lot of important documents through the mail.
Now I need to get some luggage and a pair of shoes and to keep studying my French.


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