The Descent

Sitting here on a 8.5 hour flight already a little over 3 hours in. I feel like I somewhat fit in and at the same time stand out; you know besides the fact that I’m a 6’2 black guy on a plane going to Europe.
I am definitely nervous and excited and I have felt this way since I got up today but especially as I was sitting at the gate talking to my girlfriend. I am going to be gone for months without much contact with my Valdosta State friends.








I have been on a fair amount of planes and I have NEVER had an experience like this takeoff. Maybe it was the nerves of actually leaving the US for France by myself. Maybe it is the fact that this is umm… a more expetienced airplane. But I was truly scared on this take off.
There was turbulence at the beginning of takeoff and I’m in the aisle of 3 lanes of seats but I SWEAR THE PLANE DROPPED A COUPLE OF TIMES. I may not be much of a roller coaster person anymore but I think I know a big drop when I feel one. Wow! I just tried to not look out the window, remind myself over and over again how safe planes are even in the event of a crash, how if I die it’s just going to happen, and of course think of my beautiful girlfriend

Luckily I am a strong manly man so I don’t know if anybody noticed my very obvious fear. I am still alive and am now typing this luckily for you because I know it would kill you to find out I never actually made it to France. C’est la vie.
But I am still moving 300/mph about 4 hours later. 5 more hours to go and hopefully i can actually get a wink of sleep; it is terribly hard in this plane. I still have some hours to go after I land but I think I will crash as soon as I can.

I should’ve gotten candy. On the way back I am DEFINITELY getting some candy. Hopefully I can find those Starburst jelly beans in France. I will make a note of that #wishfulthinking

Just a random question I’d like to get solved. What ever happened to the Native of Canada? Were they basically wiped out too by disease and murder? Hmmm…


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