The Very Bad Trip

Another bad night to add to my collection here so far.
So here they have a boxing class that happens 3 days a week. Today it is at some gym my friend (Kristi) and I have never heard of. So we go to the first one right in front of our res hall.
There are old people playing tennis that keep telling us to go to the other side for boxing when we keep asking for directions to the other gym.
So we went to the other side to obviously find the door locked.
Off to the office for sports.
The guy in the office says you go down the main streets until the end and take a left. Simple directions. Okay.
So before we left the main office of the sports we looked at the 3 basketball courts the school has in another gym right behind the building that holds the main office of sports.
Idk if it is only my school or if it is all of France, but the gym is only open for certain hours. I can only go play basketball like 2 days out of the week for like 2 hours. This is a big change from my home university where the gym is open from 6am-11pm. But I’ll save that for another post.
Back to our journey.
It’s night and we are just walking and walking on the main street looking for the end. 30 or 40 minutes in we say hmmm I don’t really think this street ends any time soon… It is a problem with all city schools, everything is just sooo far away. But this was us wondering around the city. Idk if I mentioned that it started drizzling about 28 minutes ago and is now picking up.
So we ask another guy waiting for the tram and he says just take the left and we should see it.
15 minutes later I have given up hope and I’m hungry and I’m wet so that means I am pissed off now. I can handle water but I get cranky when I’m wet and hungry. And the guy im with has to pee and keeps bitching about that. So yeah, I’m pretty upset.
But alas just like that it stops raining, the water literally evaporates mid air and we find some odd “gym” that has lights on and probably has a bathroom for Kristi.
Walk in and boom there is a bathroom and some people standing around watching some people through another doorway that we can’t see.Kristi runs to the bathroom and I go look to see if the boxing is almost over.
I take a peek and… see a bunch of little white kids doing judo.
I’m really ready to go now and Kristi walks up behind me to see what I see.
We leave defeated in a part of town we’ve never been to.
So we decide to cut through some apartment complex and after like 5 minutes of walking we end up at the mall that is like 8 minutes from our red hall!!!!
How that is even possible I don’t even know!
One single man tear comes from one eye and then very masculinity into my rugged beard.
And we walk back.

But I did take these cool pictures




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